SoViCa is acronym for Soft Business Cards which also signifies So We Care – for mother earth. One can create, redesign, distribute and manage card deliveries to internal users in a jiffy.It also uses uniquely designed processes to manage Data information on the cards in a refreshingly new way.
It allows users to store, retrieve and manage all the digital cards with great features like calling / messaging / mailing directly from the app. The platform weaves up an array of simple but strong functionalities around the digitised card and gives the user/s multiple options through a single app.
Right from finding Utility services providers in-town to finding Highway emergency services while on the highways (crowd sourcing option), allowing users to upload offers to allowing them to access offers.Allowing Businesses to upload offers to managing their prospect lists to raising Digital invoices.It’s a Hyperlocal offering with a difference.
It offers a host of innovative features which are a first in the space.Since this is an account-based application a user never loses any of his information when the device changes.

How is SoViCa beneficial :

Corporates gain substantially as they can now centrally create, redesign, distribute and manage card deliveries. This is a ZERO WASTAGE proposition and helps Corporates big and small to achieve environmental sustenance.

Corporates can save up to 60% costs as compared to physical cards while at the same time they can exercise absolute control on the cards. With just a click of a button, they can withdraw the card sharing option of quitting users enabling them to capitalise on opportunity costs of losing prospects with them.

These cards also cannot be duplicated. Probably the one thing that this offering does is to take Brand awareness and Brand Reach to a level that does not exist today.

We also have a host of additional Futuristic features lined up in the same application. All in all the application addresses multiple facets of using a business card while at the same time being a GREEN INITIATIVE.

About App :

SoViCa gives us a platform, where we can create and design our own digital business cards and share it to others. It makes the Business Cards Smarter and Innovative. It not only converts the STATIC information on the Card into Digital data, but it also helps the information for innovative use.

The app is free for download and use; however, we have to register into the app for the first time. SoViCa provides a free demo business cards to every user, and registration is required for the information which needs to be shown on the cards.

Mandatory Information :

SoViCa sends all confirmation via email. Email is the main way of communication between user and company. Further, it is also important for receiving the bill and for security reasons.

Your phone number is a unique number and can be used as the user name. Which helps you to get the access in the app.

Yes, it is mandatory as the detail of company name is shown on the card. However, if the person is a student/housewife they can put company name as their college name or house name.

We have provided a “Forget Password” tab below the Sign In option. Just click the tab and enter your valid email address which you had given at the time of registration.

App Permissions :

Required only to make direct calls and to send out your business card information using SMS. The App does not access your messages or call details.

Required only to store your business cards and the business card that you receive. So that you can access them even if you do not have internet connection. The app does not access any of your media elements like pics, videos and Documents.

Required only to take photos of existing traditional paper business cards. So that you can store them in our app and can convert it to digital cards.

Required only to search the nearest offers/discounts, emergency services, utility providers near you. So that you can get the required work done in less time.

Card Management :

An individual can be working for an organisation as well as having his/her personal business. Here the card allocated to the individual by company is showed in the corporate section and his/her own business card will be showed in personal cards section.

An individual can be working in one or more companies as well as can be having more than one business. Hence, they can have several cards.

You can use multiple colours, images, text on the card for designing. We have also provided various templates for business card background. However, an individual cannot use company’s logo without proper authorization from the company authority.

The card will only be seen by the people with whom you have shared it with and to those who have the SoViCa app installed.

There are various ways for you to share the business card. The best and fastest way is by using the SoViCa app in our phone (Android and IOS).

If the receiver doesn’t have the app then you can share the business card details via SMS, WhatsApp, email, skype and Bluetooth.

If the receiver has the App in his mobile just click the share button and enter the receiver’s number and send the card. Receiver will get the card within seconds.

You can store unlimited cards in the app without disturbing the storage capacity of your phone. Latest 50 cards will be stored in the phone, and the reaming cards will be safely stored in the cloud. You can search for any card and review it in app within seconds.

Yes, you can go ahead and delete the not so important card from your list. Just click on the delete option below the received cards.

We have provided a search option tab in the app, above the cards in received section; wherein you can find the cards just by searching details by any field available like name, company, location, etc.

No problem, juts go to the received section and select the camera option below the cards. You can go ahead and click images of the existing cards and store the cards in the app.

If you think the card is very important, you can go ahead and convert the card into digital card just by clicking the convert tab below the image of the card. You have to just select the correct information form the table before converting.

This is the best part of our app, you can access SoViCa in different mobiles as well. If you lost your phone/ change the phone you can just install SoViCa and enter the username and password, you will have full access on your business cards and the contacts. Your information will be secured and no data will be lost.

Utility Services :

Facing some issue at home/office regarding utilities? Don’t worry, just click on the top right option button, click business search and then the utilities tab. From the list, select any utility provider as per your requirement and directly contact with them.

Just by clicking the add button on the top right corner of the app in utilities section, you can add new utility providers to SoViCa.

Emergency Services :

Emergency services is a whole bunch of providers who will be useful for you when travelling on highways. You will find doctors, puncture repairer, mechanics, toilets, petrol pumps, towing vans, and greasing.

By clicking the shortcut tab named “ES” on the main screen, you will be able to use emergency services. From the list, select any service provider as per your requirement and directly contact with them.

The most important thing is to go near the provider you are willing to add on the system. Due to which the app will know the location of the provider. Then click the add button on the top right corner of the app in ES section, you can add new service providers to SoViCa.

Offers and Discounts :

The section works as a hyper local Digital platform for tier 2/3 cities and rural areas. This will help you (business owner) to add your new products and discounts on a digital platform. Due to which the consumer will have a direct access to the information and can view the offers and discounts provided by the you.

Just click on the top right option button, click business search and then the select the offers/discount section. First, select the category where you want to post the offers. Then click the add button on the top right corner of the screen and post your offers details and time.

The section works as a group offers section which is useful for retailer and distributors. This will help you retailer and distributors to select the particular person from there contact and then post offers. The offers will be only seen to the individuals whom you want to share with.

Yes, all the services and utilities are free for users to use. There no special charges for using or adding services and utilities.

Information Safety :

All data is governed by privacy policy and terms of use. We do not use your data to share or sell it to third parties and will only be used to provide the service. The information/data will be treated as confidential. The data will be only shared with the people with whom you decide and when you decide as you would do with traditional cards.

Please feel free to visit our privacy policy for further information.

Corporate Account Creation, Super Admin , Admin Management and Card Management :

Corporate Creation and Admin Management
Corporate account is created
One Client Super Admin is created
CSA then creates the Master Template
CSA clicks on Location Management
CSA creates Locations. During thid time Address and Land phone details of the location are captured
CSA then clicks in the system to create Location Templates
CSA then creates Location Admin(LA) who may be in different locations
System then automatically crate Location Templates for each of the Location
CSA maps LA's to Locations

Card Creation and Management
New Request Recieved
Requests received from the Employees by the LA's
Add user details (Name , Number , Mail id , Skype id , International number , Linkedin link) in an excel sheet and import
System creates the user card automatilcally with the help of the Location Templates
Mail to employees stating card is ready with request to download the app + User Manual on how to use
When User Quit
Admins upload an excel with user's mobile number only
All users card facility is withdrawn automatically who have quit