Mr.Prashant N. Rajput

Founder & CEO

About the Founder

"Who says you need to start early to succeed......well at least not me" something that he believes in.....starting a Startup at the Age of 52.. "As a Toddler he played around with a piece of paper. Very early in his growing up years....he unconsciously started using as little of paper as he could. During his college days he would carry one single notebook....home made by himself....using papers remaining in used note books. Till date he is a known miser when it comes to using Paper. ............". as told by his parents.

Prashant has always been appreciated for his technical soundness of products, creative ideas and his ability to perfectly comprehend user behavior. He is a Seasoned Sales Professional with 29 years of associating with people. He has been a Sales Guy, a Trainer, a Thinker, a Strategist, an Innovist and more importantly a great Friend at work. An MBA from Kousalli Institute of Management Studies, his beginnings were very humble. His passion has been Softwares since his early years. Though he has no formal qualifications in IT domain, his understanding of Product and Process Flows is meticulous. Communication is one of the biggest assets of Prashant. His Vision, is to leave an Earth that is as Green as he had seen it when he was a child. A strong believer in social of the key focus now is make this world a better place.



Mr. Sadiq Ali


About the Promoter

"A service industry professional with over 20 years hands on experience in the industry. Worked with some of the well-known brands in India and Middle East. Innovative thinker with expertise in Business Development and Evolved strategies that reached out to markets & customers"

"Demonstrated excellence in setting up and rolling out successful programs initiatives. Strong supporter of Child education and Swatch Bharat Abhyan"